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Hello there everybody, and welcome to The Headquarters For Strength! Here you can find my advice on reaching your strength goals.

It’s All About Progression

Whenever I start something new and I start to see myself progress at it, I get hungry for more. I first started lifting weights when I was in seventh grade, and the very first time I bench pressed, I was barely pushing up the bar for reps. However, as the weeks went by and I kept at it, I saw myself adding weight to the bar on all my lifts. As soon as I saw myself progressing, I was hooked.

I was lifting regularly until my senior year of high school, when I became interested in joining the military. After researching the physical standards of all the branches, I noticed that calisthenics was the core of military physical fitness. I ended up enlisting in the Air Force, and eventually dropped lifting weights altogether and only focused on calisthenics, focusing on the different variations of pushups, pull ups, and core work. Recently, I picked up weight lifting again, but I still add in calisthenics for variety.

Throughout my years of strength training, I’ve noticed that the right attitude, good nutrition, proper technique, and a well balanced plan will show you real progress.

A Place to Start

One thing that saddens me to see is watching gym newcomers doing these advanced lifts and doing said lifts with more weight than they can handle. Their technique goes down the drain, which causes them to see little to no progress, therefore leading them to be discouraged and quit working out entirely.

I want people, especially new lifters, to know that it’s okay to start off with light weight. Everyone you see at the gym lifting heavier weight has paid their dues on the light weights. I remember my first goal on the bench press was 100 pounds. Now my goal is 315.

I also believe it’s important for newcomers to learn the basic exercises. Before you do the bench press, I believe you should be able to perform pushups. Before you do the lat pulldown, you should be able to do pullups, and so on with the other major lifts. You need a place to start, because I can assure you that every advanced lifter out there started out small and worked their way up.

Your Guide To Getting Started

If you’re new to lifting or exercise in general, I hope The Headquarters For Strength can be your guide to reaching your fitness goals.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,